Coloring for kids

Why do we like the coloring pages:

Coloring pages – the easiest way to calm your kid. While your child is busy by coloring drawings you can do your errands. Perfect! We have happy children and happy mother. By the way there are many benefits of colorin pages: it helps to train color recognition, motor skills, grip control and patience. You can give a coloring page to a 2 years baby and to the schoolboy. For shure we have all this kinds of coloring books for any age. We have special collections of printables for boys and for girls, for any occasions. Every day we add more and more coloring pages to our website.

The favorite categories of mine is transport and space. When I was a kid i colored it most of all. And now, when I have website with coloring pages I'm trying to fill it at maximum.

Its very important to help your kids in coloring at the begining. Kids should understand the boundaries. You need to explain them do not go out the lines. Also you can give advice in selection of colors. If your kid is grown-up enough you can tell him about warm colors and cold colors and how to use it together.

As I said at the beginig coloring helps to train the patience. Its very important skill for kids. Modern kids can easily switch attention from one point to other. But can not to focus for a while. Coloring books make them focusing. This skill will be in use at the school. Also, the coloring forces mentally to split figure on a parts, and to understand how this parts works together.

Besides the patience your children can develop grip. Extremly important at the beginning to explain to kid how to hold a pencil. Its much more easier do it now then teach again later. So if we are coloring - lets do it right.

Cool thing, that coloring is education that looks like fun. Kid just drawing something, but we understad - kid is styding now. All you should do - just put the paper to the printer and clicking "print". Here you can find coloring pages for different topics: alphabet, cartoons, celebrities, numbers, fruits and vegetables, transportation e.t.c. We working on site hard. If you can't find something - just let us know and we'll try to make coloring page for you topic.

Now you understand everything :) Your kid already have colored pencils or soft-tip pens. And you have one free hour or more. This fact can be unexpected for you but its true.

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